Road of Destiny | Version 0.1
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Instructions For Players
Introduction to the game
Familiarise yourself with the game's description, story and history
Game installation
Read the instructions for installing the game and download the game installer or run the latest version installed on your computer
Installing the FeelBeat app
After installing the game, install the FeelBeat app. After installation, you should check your connection and prepare for testing
1. Write the name of the game and its version
2. Write your name.
3. Select your valid microphone and video camera in the settings.
4. Start the game.
5. In the application, select the game window.
6. Press the Start button.
7. When the game test is finished and the game window is closed, press the "End" button.
8. Wait for the files to be sent to the server and then close the application
Data verification
A recording of your gameplay is sent to the server and simultaneously stored in your PC as security. After the end of the gameplay it is required to check the pending or successful sending status on the player's personal page.
Take the quiz
To finish, you need to pass the quiz offered on your personal page. The quiz covers the main impressions and comments from the game process