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GameTesting with
AI automation

Replace your playtest routine and
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Feel the difference with FeelBeat's AI game testing automation

Our product is the automated AI manager to verify game features and learn insights from players’ experience. Just launch it and start the game - it will record the process of game, audio comments, visual mimic reactions of gamer from web camera and link it to the game progress.

The data is automatically analyzed and you can see the weak and strong moments, and player’s suggestions right after the test
Use cases
Increase engagement level of gamers
Polish your game by studying preferences of your audience and exclude game bugs
Quality & ease
of features’ testing
Automate A/B testing, save your budget, and make fine segmentation of customers
Distant & global
Learn your customers from any point of the globe and increase ratings of sales
of Pop-ups’ settings
Find out the moments when gamer is ready to donate, purchase or rate the game
What you get with FeelBeat
  • Automated playtest
  • See tester’s reaction in interactive format
  • Get reaction statistics from all test players
  • Get text version of audiocomments with highlights
How It Works
The game starts!
Turn on the camera and microphone,
launch FeelBeat, and start playing
Comment during the game and don’t hesitate to express your emotions! This information is essential for good analysis
Almost done
Stop the recording. Now you will see the playback with synchronized screen, face and audio recordings
Run data processing and learn which points of the game have bad performance, see the highlights of comments
Why us?
  • Adorable
    Cut off your costs due to high efficiency of the testing process
  • Remote
    Study your audience from all over the world via user friendly interface
  • Fine analytics
    NLP and CV technologies provide high accuracy of emotion analysis
    and easy reporting
  • Time saving
    Fully automated analysis of human reactions and audio comments
Looking for partners for piloting!
We are in process of study gamedev companies’ demands and looking for partners who would like to suggest problems of gametesting and take part in experimenting of our platform on special terms of use!

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